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Changing the restaurant industry one menu at a time!

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MenuThat makes everything easier!

Customers can easily see your menu on the MenuThat app. They can order, call their server, leave feedback and so much more! 

Customers want to see what they are ordering.

Vibrant photos = happier customers and more sales.




  1. Digital Menus - Customers can easily see vibrant photos of the food they would like to order. They can order and pay directly from the app. 
  2. Customer Database - restaurant owners can gain valuable insights into their customers.
  3. Save Money - MenuThat is going to revolutionize the restaurant industry! Restaurants will save money by cutting down on their staff and will see their revenues increase! 

Interact with your clients. Happy customers will leave a positive review which automatically posts on social media, bringing in more customers.

Awesome food at Marlee's place. I would recommend this restaurant to everyone.

The tacos were some of the best I have tasted!

I love the fact that they have a vegan menu. The food was delicious.


3622 Dufferin St, 2nd Floor
North York, ON M3K 1N7
Tele: 416-840-7717

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